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First of all I’d like to say, AppNana is one of the greatest applications any developer has ever made, period. For those that know what AppNana is, you can completely skip the explanation and click the “Hack AppNana” button located right below. But for those that don’t know what AppNana is, allow me to explain.

AppNana is an application where you can earn real redeemable money through various activities. Most of the time you’re downloading applications. Other times you’re downloading/signing up for applications. The true beauty is that, for every application you download and sign up for, you get points. Which can be redeemed for various things like PayPal, Bitcoin, Games and in-game currency – the amount of things these points can be redeemed for is absolutely endless. The best part is, it’s easy as hell. The worst part? It takes a very long time to save up any decent amount, as many of these applications pay very little to AppNana for installs. Which AppNana has passed on to it’s users, unfortunately.

The reason why this is so frustrating is because of how much time it can take for you to earn enough to finally redeem your points. You can spend weeks (even months) trying to gather enough points to finally make a redemption. To be very honest, a lot of users quit the application halfway into earning enough points to make a redemption, and that in itself is extremely sad. Especially for people like me who know how much money can be saved if a person was to use AppNana to it’s fullest potential.

Here’s the real problem:

Since it takes so terribly long to earn nana’s people look for alternative ways to earn them. Most people create YouTube videos with misleading titles like “hack appnana”, ” how to hack appnana”, “appnana codes” and things of the sort. When people create videos like this, they tend to forge proof too. Tricking users into signing up under their referral and earning them points. The reason why this is a problem is because it’s destroying the AppNana community, lowering trust with the advertisers who pay REAL MONEY to AppNana and in turn, causing AppNana to lower the amount of points a person can earn for an action.

If the quality of the user was increased, surely AppNana and the Advertisers who work with AppNana would pay significantly more than they currently do. Which leads me to my next point.

The Solution:

Instead of continually hurting the community by tainting it with lower quality users/traffic and causing massive amounts of inflation, you could contribute to a new cause. By generating Nana’s using our generator, you’d be able to hack appnana, but without causing AppNana to lose out on anything. Not even the money they earn on every completion.

How our AppNana Hack works

Our AppNana exploit is simple. Since it’s driven by cloud server technology, like many of our other hacks, it has the ability to automate more than several tasks – and in quite a quick fashion too!

Instead of adding/replacing variables in the MySQL database AppNana uses to store all of it’s user information, we search the database for the user authentication code. Much like a password, the user authentication code can be used to log into a specific user account. To obtain one is a very straightforward process and can be done by searching for the user account associated to the user.

Using the Authentication code to login to the specified user account, our hack downloads more than several applications on an emulated session of an android operating environment (via BlueStacks) and completes a selection of offers. It does so on a timer, so it might take a little while for you to view the final Nana value, but it does so quickly enough so that you won’t be waiting for days to view your final amount.

Is this hack completely safe?

Absolutely. Since our AppNana hack downloads and completes a selection of offers using a rotating proxy, it’s almost undetectable to AppNana or any of the advertisers who are advertising with AppNana, since it looks natural to both. Allow me to explain why.

When you’re using a mobile phone to download items via LTE or any cellular data connection, you’re constantly connecting to new cellular towers. Your IP is naturally rotating from one to the next, as most cellular carriers don’t allow you to keep a static IP address. Some do, but it’d be a waste of money for the end user (you) and the cellular provider, as it costs extra to have a static IP address.

So in theory, when you’re using AppNana to download applications and complete offers via a cellular data connection, your IP address is constantly changing.

Since our proxy rotation system has IP addresses with DNS’s from major cellular providers, it looks like a natural occurrence.

The problem with previous AppNana hacks is that they took no attention to creating a safe way to hack AppNana without triggering their automatic cheat detection. We’ve spent countless hours developing this AppNana exploit and have tested it with various accounts, all of which successfully redeemed Nana’s.


If you’re looking for a working AppNana Nana Generator that isn’t coded poorly and isn’t going to get your account banned, then you’ve come to the right place. has created some of the leading hacks  for more than several mobile phone applications and have earned the trust of MANY users along the way. We take into consideration the complexities of hacking mobile applications and weigh out the benefits and the cons of doing so – in hopes that we provide safe ways to cheat the system, without compromising any of our users in any way. Our community matters to us, and so do you. Which is why, if you encounter an issue with any of our hacks we highly suggest you contact us.

Go ahead, hack your AppNana account and start generating Nana’s today!

hack download

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