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Mobile Legends, Rules of survival, League of Legends, and dota. Are you familiar to those online games? These are just some of the online games that have been fascinatingly played by some people.

How about Nitro typing? I myself are not familiar with those online games because I am not a gamer. But I conduct deep research about that Nitro type, for those who are interested in this game.

Nitro type: What is this all about?

Typing on the keyboard of the laptop or computer is the basic thing you should know. And enhancing your skill from typing is not bad.

Before nitro type is created, the founder of this has raised different ways to improve the typing skills of everyone. He has these programs: TypingWeb, Typing Tutor, Fun to Type, and now a typing game.

Nitro type is an online competition or game about actual typing played around the world. This helps you excel on your skills in typing even though you are competing in a race with your co-typers Worldwide. Participating in this contest with your friends as your competitor, then you get new cars, and observe your scores will give you fun and excitement.

If you want your kids to improve their typing skills this might be good for them to practice. But let us make things clear. The game does give instructions or tips on how to improve your typing skills, but it will motivate your kid with his current basic skill.

The founder of this game is a Site Architect and Lead Backend Developer of one company, it is Mr. Austin Butler.

The Nitro type composed of this:

  1. Race

The race is the game. Where you are typing at your speed and earn more nitro which is a type of fuel, cash, and fun experience.


  1. Garage

It is where you can breathe, your home base. You can change cars here, check the status of the race and your typing ability.


  1. Dealership

This is the shop you can buy nitros, unlock new cars, and earn money.


  1. Achievements

Checking this out from time to time is necessary. Because you can see here the cars you want to unlock and your title in the game.


  1. Scoreboard

Your rank is just a price of your effort, but what is important, you have enjoyed playing and improve your typing skills.



How Can I Get Nitro Type Free Money?

You have to just go on in the game and pass the levels for you to get some money in the game. But getting free money without any effort is easy for the others. Because they are pro in using nitro type money hack and nitro type money cheat codes which is not legally permitted.

But still, there are many types of nitro type cheats. Other competitors in this competition are eager to level up and upgrade their accounts that why they are using a different way of cheating like nitro type cheats codes and nitro type hack cheat script. They can also buy cars, nitro, and money when they do cheat.

Why is Some User Being Banned from This Game?

Aside from using different types of cheating, the player can be banned if they abuse the support form of the website such as using offensive code names.

Of course, all game has their own rules and regulation that the players should follow for their own sake, for the sake of the other user and for the game itself. Because if the players are abusive the game itself can be restricted, to the point that no one can play it again.

Is Nitro Type Gold Member Free?

They have some membership which is called Gold Membership. This membership is just an optional, it is upgraded level of your account and gives numerous benefits and support if you are a gold member already.

Hacked Games Nitro Type

Some users use their ability to hack just to play the game and to be above the other players. They have these nitro type hack speed and nitro type hack money generator.


I tried to search more about this game but this is all I have found. The different keywords connected to the game “Nitro Type” like money cheat codes, hack speed, hack money generator, cheats, cheats codes, cheat script, free money, gold member free and money hack. Do not have direct explanations about that, all I can see are videos regarding those keywords which I can’t understand.

The important thing is, be fair while playing. Using cheats and hacking the game doesn’t really give you the true feeling of happiness when you won the game, because you did something wrong in the game. Just play and enjoy. If you lose then accept it. The price or the title or being a winner is just a compliment, but the way you play fair and enjoy the game is the one that matters.

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