Village Life: How To Get Free Unlimited Gems & Coins Hack Tool

village life hack download

The Village Life Hack is the latest Facebook game hack that we offer. We recently finished testing it and we had absolutely no problems with it. The hack allows you to add as many coins that you want. Well, a maximum of 999,999 is implemented since that is the maximum in the game but you can also get double XP for as long as you want to play, unlimited energy and we are confident in saying that you will like the fact that all the items will be unlocked. Also, you are no longer restricted by your browser. This Village Life Hack works on all browsers.

How to use and download the Village Life Hack:

  1. Click the link below to download the latest version of the hack
  2. Extract it from the zip archive
  3. Run the hack
  4. Click Check For Updates to make sure you have the latest version
  5. Open the game in your browser
  6. Choose your browser from the list
  7. Press the Login with Facebook button
  8. Choose the bonuses that you want to unlock
  9. Choose the number of coins you want to add
  10. Press Start
  11. Wait for the progress bar to finish
  12. Refresh the game in Facebook

We use a secured, token based download server. After clicking the download button you will be taken to a new page that is only accessible for you for 15 minutes. Follow on-page instructions to download!

How to use and download the Village Life Hack

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