Lezhin Comics: How To Get Free Unlimited Coins Hack

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Lezhin Comics: How To Get Free Unlimited Coins Hack

Currently, Lezhin Comics is one of the greatest webtoon or web-comic platforms in Korea. However, not all comics on Lezhin are free meaning to say you will need to pay for them using coins.

Usually, the majority of comics are going to have the first three to five chapters for free, but if you want to continue reading them then you will have to pay for the remaining chapters and this is where Lezhin Comics free coins hack come into play. If you don’t have any idea about this hack don’t worry because we will discuss it later on.

Either way, if you are not familiar with this web-comic but interested to know more then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will show everything that you need to do from how it started to how to generate Lezhin Comics free coins.

Lezhin Comics: What Exactly It Is?

As what we have mentioned a while ago it is webtoon portal that is currently based in South Korea. However, their services are being offered in English, Japanese, and of course, Korean.

This portal was actually founded in 2013 by Han Hee-sung a South Korean blogger. By 2014 (November) Lezhin Comics hosted more than 400 cartoons and webtoons making it the biggest webtoon publisher in South Korea.

Furthermore, the content was made by amateur and professional cartoonists including Yoo Ayoung the winner of 2014 Today’s Cartoon Award and Yool Lee (Lee Jin-Young) the winner of the 2013 Korea Content Award.

In 2015 (April) Lezhin Comics also established its services in Japan and it began as a beta website. And in December 2015, the company extended its services in English Speaking countries and regions.

Lezhin Comics, on the other hand, aims to bring high-quality and exclusive content specifically to mature and older audiences or readers by serving as a platform for top writers and authors.

Each year, the company hosts the Lezhin Comics World Comic Contest as well in which the top three winners will have to chance to win a painting software, cash prizes, and an opportunity to publish their works on Lezhin.

Popular Lezhin Comics Series

Below are some of the popular series on Lezhin Comics you may want to read as well.

  1. Secret Crush by Jung
  2. Sadistic Beauty by Geumsan Lee, Yunhee Woo
  3. RPG Comic by Gaechaban
  4. Pulse by Ratana Satis
  5. Percy and the Yummies by Sim Moram
  6. Ordinary Men by Lesh
  7. Out of Control by Bhoong
  8. The Whale by Og
  9. Vengeance by Aji
  10. The Lady & Her Butler by Jade
  11. Lady Garden by Zilpung Studio
  12. Her Pet by Pito
  13. Drug Candy by Lee Hyumin
  14. A Guy Like You By Waje
  15. Big See by Kim Botong
  16. Sextealer by H. Roma
  17. Stand Up! By Warren
  18. Lover Boy by Zec
  19. Love Sex Relationship by Kim Injung
  20. Dolphin Fairy by Stone Henge

Nevertheless, if you have a Lezhin free account you can view some of the free content. What’s more, if you don’t want to sign up you can still read some free content as well.

How to Read and View Paid Episodes or Chapters?

As what we have mentioned earlier, you need coins in order to buy paid episodes. However, in order for you to have coins, you need to buy them as well. Where? Simple go to the coin bundles under the “Purchase Coins” menu of the app. Take note the more coins you obtain the better the deals are.

Either way, some of the readers don’t want to spend even a single centavo for paid episodes and chapters and they end up using a Lezhin coin generator in order to obtain Lezhin free coins online. Basically, it is a Lezhin free coins hack.

But apart from that, you may also take advantage of the Lezhin Comics promo code. As a matter of fact, there are lots of promo codes on the Internet today. Thus, ensuring that you are dealing with a legit site is highly recommended.

How to Obtain Free Lezhin Coins

Below we will discuss how to get Lezhin Comics coins for free.

  • Step 1. Visit this site or tool.
  • Step 2. Type your nickname in Lezhin Comics.
  • Step 3. Enter the number of coins that you want to in your Lezhin Comics account.
  • Step 4. After which, click the button labeled with “Generate”.

Note: The coins that you will generate can be used any episodes and chapters. Apart from that, it is also compatible and available on all devices.

There is also a Lezhin Comics unlimited coins apk that you can utilize to get coins aside from Lezhin free coins code.

How to Use or Redeems Points?

Actually, you can redeem your points and earned them over the Coin purchase under the Point Redemption Coin Bundles – a special deal for which you may receive discounts as well as redeem points.

To give you an idea about the conversion rate if your points check the table below.

Coins Price (Regular) Points Redeemed Discounted Price
190 $49.99 1000 Points $39.99
70 $19.99 500 Points $14.99
30 $9.99 300 Points $6.99
15 $4.99 100 Points $3.99

The Point Redemption bundle, on the other hand, isn’t shown during the coin event. Furthermore, points aren’t automatically redeemed once you buy regular coin bundles. You have to choose a bundle that is separate from the regular coin bundle. And in order to get the redemption coin bundle, you have to pay the outstanding discounted price first.

How to Change the Language Setting

If you have the downloaded the app and want to read a series but you can’t understand the language, don’t worry, because changing the language settings is very easy.

For iOS and Android App, simply go to Settings and click Language. And for web users, all you have to do is go to My Information and then Language Settings which can be found at the right side (lower) of the site.

Now that you already have an idea what exactly Lezhin Comics is, what are you waiting for download the app and start reading high-quality and great content.


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