Rules of Survival: How to Get Free Diamonds, and Unlimited Gold Hack



Rules of Survival: How to Get More Wins, Diamonds, and Gold

Are you currently playing Rules of Survival and want to know how to obtain more victories, gold, and diamonds? Take a look at this post and find the biggest Rules of Survival cheat, hack, tricks, and tips most players do not yet know about.

However, some of the tips, hacks, cheats, are quite common while others are not recognizable. Either way, by simply relying on the information provided in this content rest assured you will increase your chances to win the game.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Rules of Survival Cheats

These cheats can actually help you in eliminating anyone keeping you form the first place by simply using rules of survival cheat on PC or Android.

The Rules of Survival cheats, on the other hand, work both on Android and iOS devices as well as on the computer.

The POSSIBLE mode takes account of the Rules of Survival for auto looting, automatic aiming, shooting, modified view Wallhack, Dodge Scripts, and among others. Furthermore, such cheats are undetected as developers keep on updating them on regular basis.

Rule of Survival Hack

Rules of Survival hack is a survival shooter that is mostly server-side. Meaning to say, the most in effect way of cheating is by utilizing hacks such as Wallhacks and Aimbots which will let you see items and most especially your enemies through walls which makes looting and getting kills a lot easier, living more likely as well as offer you a good chance at that turkey ceremonial dinner and diamonds and gold.

Usually, RoS hack comes either in the form of downloadable mudded game files for Android, PC, and iOS or scripts that have to be utilized in game hacking tools. There’s also a Rules of Survival hack PC. Having that said, you will be able to make use of Rules of Survival hack Android and iOS while playing the game.

On mobile phones, typically, RoS hacks are packaged as a mod or modded apps/games which can be installed rather than the original RoS game on your iOS and Android device. Further, you can also download the rules of survival hack iOS and Android apk in various sites.

Either way, as soon as you have the game version that is already hacked, you’ll have cheats that are automatically enabled from the start or you can activate it in the trainer menu.

How to Get More Gold?

Gold is actually the main currency that you will use in the game, and unfortunately, earning such currencies is pretty difficult for some.

However, the simplest way to earn gold is to play Rules of Survival as it will let you finish daily tasks that can be claimed for rewards such as tickets, gold, and more. Furthermore, you may also obtain the currency from the Supply crates, but it is not the best method to earn more as it will charge you gold to open unless you know how to obtain supply tickets that can be utilized to buy crates rather than your gold. However, you can also get rules of survival gold using cheats or hack tool.

How to Get More Diamond?

Diamonds are the premium currencies available in Rules of Survival. So, if you want to have diamonds, then you need to purchase them on the Store’s Tab Up tab.

However, with the help of the rules of survival hack diamond, you will obtain any amount of these premium currencies for free. Yes, you read it right, you can get rules of survival free diamond.

On the other hand, you can also convert your diamonds into gold. In fact, one diamond is equivalent to approximately 10 gold.

Tips and Tricks When Playing Rules of Survival

  1. Close the Front Door

When playing, don’t be that gamer who walkovers to buildings and the leave the front door open. As matter of fact, other players may easily perceive that someone is probably in a building that has its door wide open. Thus, if you want to have a higher chance of winning then make sure to close the doer each time you enter a certain building.

  1. Know the different modes

In this game, there are several modes (squad, duo, and solo) in which you can choose from. When starting out, make sure to choose the Solo mode except you have friends to play Squad or Duo with.

Keep in mind that playing a team-based mode that has gamers might get frustrating really quick, mainly because the majority of players play such modes like only wolves anyway neglecting the other members of the team.

Nevertheless, if you are capable of coordinating with some friends in Rules of Survival, you will definitely have an advantage in squads or duos over teams with random players.

  1. Bend/Squad when you can

Players, especially mobile players do not have the best-in-game insight. They’re given a small screen to play and usually, a big portion of the screen is occupied by their hands in order to control the game.

So to make yourself more difficult to find, you can make use of the crouch button. Also, you might want to consider utilizing the lie-down button to go lying. Trust us, you will be astonished at how simple and easy it’s to stay out of the eyesight of other players only by playing the game a bit safer and more importantly, not running around all over the place.

  1. Do not stand still

Another great tip for all mobile player out there. As soon as mobile players manage to develop their crosshair on you, they will obtain a little of auto purpose which will aid the players to stay locked on you. However, in order to prevent this happening make sure you move as much as possible. For instance, when you’re in a fight, you can move right and left.


If you follow the above-mentioned information the greater the chance that you will win the game. Nevertheless, Rules of Survival is accessible as a free download in the Google Play store for Android and App Store for iOS.


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